THC - Possible side effects

What side effects can occur?
Side effects after taking cannabis are usually moderate. Most commonly, patients describe dry mouth, red eyes, drowsiness, rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, or dizziness. The side effects depend on the dosage and can vary greatly depending on the patient. Experience shows that side effects decrease in the course of therapy.

Can cannabis be addictive?
According to the professional information, it is unlikely that patients will develop a cannabis dependency if used professionally and medically. Neither was it observed that the daily dosage had to be increased during long-term use. Nor did abrupt discontinuation of cannabis therapy lead to withdrawal symptoms.

What are the risks associated with cannabis use?
Cannabis in high doses, especially non-medical use, can induce a state of intoxication. This is characterized by a shift in consciousness with associative, erratic thinking and an impairment of the
short-term memory. An overdose can lead to circulatory problems and anxiety.

Should caution be exercised when using cannabis medicinally?
To date, no person is known to have died from direct exposure to cannabis. Patients with severe cardiovascular disease are advised not to use cannabis. The same applies to the use of the cannabinoid THC if schizophrenia (including family history) is diagnosed or suspected.

Cannabis is often taken in combination with other medications for therapeutic purposes. It can enhance or weaken their effects. Therefore, always consult with your health care provider before taking it.

Cannabis should not be used in combination with alcohol. Even small amounts of alcohol in combination with cannabis can significantly impair the ability to react and thus the ability to drive.

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